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Shandong yi ze metal materials co., LTD


Powerful company's strengthPowerful company's strength

  • 20Years experience in grinding tube girders,Professional sales team
  • Covers an area of1000Duopingmi's modern library open factory,Plentiful
  • The product is rich,Complete specifications,Products are exported to Europe and the United States,Southeast Asia,In the Middle East and other countries and regions
Powerful company's strength
Excellent product quality


Excellent product qualityExcellent product quality

  • Selection of raw materials:Purchase of baosteel、Anshan iron and steel、New and germ tube as raw materials
  • Strict production process control
  • The company insists on the quality of the products in the first place,Strictly implementedISO9001:2008Quality system certification


Flexible business model,Diversified ways of cooperationProfit model is flexible and diversified cooperation methods

  • The standardized dealer policy,Grasp the market easily
  • Humanized technical support,Win the market quickly
Flexible business model
The series is complete


Perfect logistics system and considerate after-sales serviceSeries is complete

  • Professional logistics distribution system,More convenient and quick
  • Free delivery and professional technical guidance,Three guarantees quality of security:Return is guaranteed,Replacement,Price.mean-while
  • To provide you with professional customer service team24Hours of intimate services

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About usShandong yi ze metal materials co., LTD

Shandong yi ze metal materials co., LTD

   Shandong yi ze metal materials co., LTD is a professional engaged in grinding tube girders、Cylinder tube、Oil vitrified clay pipe、Grinding tube、The hydraulic cylinder、Thick wall quilted grinding tube、Stainless steel mill tube girders、The piston rod of hydraulic products such as production and sales of modern enterprise。The company is located the beautiful jiangbei shuicheng--Steel pipe--Liaocheng。Located in liaocheng city development zone,Back to guan expressway,West beijing-kowloon railway artery。The geographical position is superior,Transportation is very convenient。Our company has many sets of large honing machine and professional operators,Special requirements need to customize and mutual agreement! Quilted grinding pipe is used4~6The root of sand bar Kong Jin honing head both domestically and internationally... To check the details

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The hydraulic cylinder4Trends in worth
In march and have no imagination of so bright,In addition to the surface and the warm weather,Which is associated with haze v and from gb market spread in all directions,The great waves of capital markets and market mood swings below the market is not perfect Angle。
Lead to the hydraulic cylinder produce gas corrosion
The hydraulic cylinder is through the high precision cold drawn machining,In the production of molding product quality or performance is excellent,And has been widely used and play a proper economic benefits。But in actual production,Due to some factors
“the Belt and Roa”For hydraulic pressure
One Belt And One Road initiative is put forward5Over the years,Has entered a new stage pragmatic cooperation,Trade and economic cooperation of countries along the more closely。2017Enterprises in the area in China all the way along the route59A country has a new investment,In total143.6Million dollars,Of the total12%,The main cast
In hydraulic cylinder pipe in our country will face again
Yesterday,A week of 19 large concluded successfully in Beijing。In the report,In the future are put forward5To carry out new development concept,Construction of modern economic system,Deepen the structural reform to speed up the supply side to build an innovation-oriented country implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country area
Before the National Day of the hydraulic cylinder tube
This week, the domestic hydraulic cylinder tube market down than up less as a whole,Futures、And transaction are not performing well,Combined with environmental influence their expected continued to expand,Merchants from strong to pessimism,Panic selling phenomenon,So before the National Day, is expected to change in the market
In the fourth quarter of large diameter quilted grinding tube market
For in the first three quarters of this year the large diameter grinding tube girders of the market trends are analyzed,And a path for the fourth quarter。He said,In the first three quarters of this year,Domestic prices of large diameter quilted grinding concussion uplink,The overall gains,Domestic comprehensive large diameter grinding girders
The use of large diameter quilted grinding process
Use of large diameter quilted grinding wall sticking phenomenon in the process of how to prevent? In the use of large diameter grinding tube girders,Don't want to see most is pipe wall sticking phenomenon,After the emergence of this phenomenon is inevitable,The use of pipe material performance will be directly affected。
Do the shandong province where there are boring and rolling tube
Shandong where there is doing fine boring and rolling tube?High quality and low price? Honing tube and rolling as the merits of the hydraulic oil cylinder Quilted grinding tube:The pipe with a sewing machine grinding out,Straightness,Finish a little bit worse,Rolling tube,High degree of finish,Straightness will be better
In the compressor,Cold drawing hydraulic valve
Hydraulic cylinder pipe cold drawing this important products,Small make up today will continue to explain the knowledge content,Because it is the key,So can't careless treatment。And,Through the study,Can make us better to understand it,And be able to increase their own utility,For us
Shandong common fault of the hydraulic cylinder
Shandong common hydraulic cylinder fault. What should I do? Hydraulic cylinder work cannot drive load mainly for piston rod is not allowed parking、Lack of thrust、Speed down、The reason for this is that such as the job is not stable: (1)Hydraulic cylinder internal leakage。Internal hydraulic cylinder

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Earthen pipe precise oil spot specification table

Earthen pipe precise oil spot specification table

Orchard spray part of the wind to send type sprayer by liquid medicine box、Axial flow fan、Four cylinder piston diaphragm pump or triplex plunger pump、Regulating distribution valve、The filter、The suction valve、The shaft and spraying devices, etc。 As shown in the figure below: ①Liquid medicine box: Liquid tank with bo